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Photo: Wannes Cré Antwerp

Giusy Caruso                  

Mirroring the intentionality and gesture of a piano performance. An interpretation of 72 Etudes Karnatiques pour piano

Project description

This artistic research aimed at studying the process of my interpretation and practice of the 72 Etudes Karnatiques pour piano by the French composer Jacques Charpentier (1933-2017) and at investigating the “mirroring” relation between musical intentionality and gesture of a piano performance. 
I empirically analysed this process by using technology to understand how my artistic practice could influence changes in my interpretation of the piece (musical intentionality) and in my performance gesture. 
In this way, this artistic research could contribute to the established interpretative tradition on contemporary music and open new perspectives on the methodological approaches for contemporary music performers engaged in artistic research.

About Giusy


Dr. Giusy Caruso (PhD in Arts: Music - IPEM-University & Royal Conservatoire of Ghent 2018) is a concert pianist and  researcher focused on studying human-machine interaction (HMI) for the creation of futuristic multimedia formats and music performance analysis. Chairwoman of the CREATIE research group at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and affiliated postdoctoral researcher at IPEM-Ghent University, she is Official Music Advisor of the LWT3 Performing Arts Lab in Milan. Renowned interpreter of contemporary music, she is pursuing her concert activity in Europe, Asia, Russia and America, taking part into Radio and TV shows. She released CDs acclaimed in worldwide music reviews. 

Among other international awards, Dr. Caruso received, together with the LWT3 team, the first S+T+Arts Prize Honorary Mention 2023 by the EU Commission for her project 'MetaPhase: a contrapuntal dialogue between a pianist and her avatar in the metaverse'.

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