Welcome to my personal website...

I'm a musician, educator and researcher, affiliated as Associate Professor in Early Childhood Music Education to the University of Luxemburg. I am also affiliated to IPEM at Ghent University, as Visiting Professor. Previously, I was affiliated to IPEM (Ghent University) as PhD student and postdoc, and to the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp as PhD student in the arts. 

I devote my time to the development of [research & practice]-based innovative movement-based approaches to instrumental music teaching and learning (in Early Childhood).

The leitmotiv in my work is the integration of theoretical, empirical and practical research. Importantly, my research is constantly inspired by my experience as performer and teacher.

Next to my work as an academic, I am a guest lecturer at the Music conservatoires of The Hague (NL). I play the clarinet in a band with 7 friends, the Holy7.


Happy the University of Groningen (Prof. dr. Elisa Kupers & Prof. dr. Lisette de Jonge-Hoekstra) continue using the KIMUPE approach (Nijs, 2019) in the Master "Talent Development and Creativity". Also a collaboration coming up on music, movement, and creativity!

I'm hiring a PhD student in Early Childhood Music Edaction. See HERE for the call.

The executive board of Ghent University has approved my Visiting Professorship. So I keep on being affiliated to my Alma Mater.

My Frontiers Research Topic "Music Education, movement & Flourishing" has been accepted. My co-editors are Prof. dr. Marc Leman, Prof. dr.Lukas Pairon, Prof. dr. Graça Mota, and dr. An de Bisschop. More info: see HERE

Together with dr. Lukas Pairon and dr. Ann de Bisschop, we worked hard on establishing an academic chair on music-making and social action (promotor: Prof.dr. Francis Maes). The chair was approved by Ghent University and will start in September 2022. Date of Inauguration: October 18th, 6PM

2022.09.13 Uni.lu: presentation for FSHE team (Belval, LU)

2022.07.17 ISME: "Music is what people do with their bodies" (online)

2022.07.14 ISME-ECME: workshop on writing (online)

2022.05.26 Presenting the Bachelor in Music Education @ University of Luxembourg @ EMU - European Music School Forum 2022 (Differdange, LU)

2022.05.12  Online/Offline. Technologie als transformatieve kracht in het kunstonderwijs @ LNO2-congres Duurzame Digitale Transformatie