Luc Nijs

Welcome to my personal website!

I'm a musician, educator and researcher, currently working as a postdoc at IPEM, a center of excellence in research on musical interaction (Ghent University, Belgium), and as PhD student in the Arts at Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

I devote my time to the development of [research & practice]-based innovative movement-based approaches to instrumental music teaching and learning.

The leitmotiv in my work is the integration of theoretical, empirical and practical research. Importantly, my research is constantly inspired by my experience as performer and teacher.

Next to my work as an academic, I am guest lecturer at the Music conservatoires of The Hague (NL) and Antwerp (BE).


Starting a new longitudinal study on movement in instrumental music teaching and learning. 5 year old children learn to play the DooD. 

Interview on KLARA (national radio station) on my work and the Creative Europe project "Resilience in resonance": read and listen (in dutch) here

My Creative Europe project "Resilience in Resonance" has been positively evaluated. (EAC/S53/2019 “Music Education and Learning”)

2021.11.16  IEmbodiment & Art Education @ Royal Conservatory of Antwerp

2021.10.01  Presenting the clarinet @ Dom Dziecka w Orzeszu

2021.09.27  Presenting the clarinet @ Kofinou Elementary School