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Welcome to my personal website...

I'm a musician, educator and researcher, affiliated as Associate Professor in Early Childhood Music Education to the University of Luxemburg. I am also affiliated to IPEM at Ghent University, as Visiting Professor. Previously, I was affiliated to IPEM (Ghent University) as PhD student and postdoc, and to the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp as PhD student in the arts. 

I devote my time to the development of [research & practice]-based innovative movement-based approaches to instrumental music teaching and learning (in Early Childhood).

The leitmotiv in my work is the integration of theoretical, empirical and practical research. Importantly, my research is constantly inspired by my experience as performer and teacher.

Next to my work as an academic, I am a guest lecturer at the Music conservatoires of The Hague (NL). I play the clarinet in a band with 7 friends, the Holy7.


I was invited to talk in the BBC Sideways podcast, on "The Embodiment of Music". check it here

2023.01.03 ∣ NECIS Arts Festival (ISL, Luxembourg, LU)

2023.04.11&13 ∣ Rime Conference (Online)

2023.05.05 ∣ symposium Bridging the gap! (LUCA, Leuven, BE)

2023.05.26 ∣ EAS Conference (Lyon, F)

2023.05.29 - 06.03 ∣ Research stay @ Conservatory of Frosinone (I)


Ghent University - personal page

University of Luxembourg - personal page

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