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I was born in 1973. At the age of fourteen, I started playing the clarinet. Somewhat naive but passionate about this wonderful instrument, I soon felt that it would become a big part of my life. And indeed, at the age of eighteen, I went to the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music to become a professional musician. It was the beginning of an exciting journey. I traveled, played competitions/auditions and concerts, ... In 2000, my musical journey almost ended due to a severe car accident. Unable to continue playing the clarinet, I decided to study Western philosophy at Ghent University. Yet another turning point in my life... and it was a very intense period: I combined full time music teaching with my philosophy studies. On top of that, my three sons were born in this period: Elias, Quinten & Tristan. In 2008, I graduated with a thesis on the musician-instrument relationship. Thanks to this thesis, I was granted a scholarship in order to obtain a PhD in Art Sciences (promotor: Prof.  Dr. Marc Leman). And so, a new phase in life was determined. In 2012 I obtained my PhD. After my PhD I went teaching again, worked as postdoc for one year at IPEM (Ghent University), and became researcher and lecturer at LUCA School of Arts (Lemmens). From 2015, I continued my research on instrumental music teaching/learning and embodied musicianship as a postdoctoral researcher at IPEM (7 year contract).​​​

In 2019, I started a new adventure: a PhD in the Arts at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. This PhD project was discontinued as from June 2022 I was appointed Associate Professor in Early Childhood Music Education at the University of Luxembourg. I'm also Visiting Professor at Ghent University.

Luc Nijs ⎸ (c) Marijke de Shepper

(c) Marijke De Schepper

Luc Nijs
Luc Nijs

(c) Albrecht Heeffer

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The Musician-Instrument relationship

Why is it that musician often experience their instrument as part of themselves?

2008 - 2012

Ghent University (BE)

PhD in Arts Sciences

Movement and Learning

How can movement support instrumental music teaching and learning?

(Music) Educational Technologies

How can interactive (music) technologies support and embodied approach to instrumental music teaching and learning?

Embodied Music Cognition

How is the body involved in our interactions with music?

2000 - 2008

Ghent University (BE)

MA in Philosophy

1991 - 1997

Brussels Royal Conservatory (BE)

MA in Music Performance

Teacher Diploma (Clarinet)

Teacher Diploma (Ensemble)

1991 -

Masterclasses, courses in Max/MSP, in statistics, ...

Research interests & Education

2019 - 2022

Royal Conservatory Antwerp (BE)

PhD in Arts Sciences

Embodied Creativity

How is creativity grounded in bodily experience?

How can creativity be fostered through movement?

Music in Social Action

How can music and movement foqster well-being?

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