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Here you can find a series of lectures that can be booked by conference organisers, conservatoires, music schools, ... . They are excellent starting points for pedagogical seminars.

All lectures have been given throughout Europe (see: agenda) and are constantly revised and updated based on my own work and that of others.

Language: Dutch, English, French.

To get more info or to book a lecture, click here

Musicians and their instrument

Why is that so many musicians experience their musical instrument as a natural part of themselves?

short video coming soon

Interactive technologies in music education

What can technology bring to music education?


short video coming soon

Movement in the instrumental music classroom

To move or not to move, is it really a question?

short video coming soon

The "caring" music school

Isn't it time to redefine the DNA of music education?

short video coming soon

Music, Movement & Well-being

Can music and movement foster well-being?

short video coming soon

Music, Movement & Creativity

How does movement contribute to developing musical creatoiity?

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The Music Paint Machine

short video coming soon


short video coming soon

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