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Forthcoming/In preparation

Fortuna, S. & Nijs, L. (under review). Children's representational strategies based on verbal versus bodily interactions with music: an intervention study. Submitted to Music Education Research.

Nijs, L. & Gluschaznkof, C. (in prep). Editorial to the IJMEC Special issue on the MERYC 2019 conference

Grinspun, N., Nijs, L., Onderdick, K. & Leman, M. Music audiation and sustained attention. To be submitted to Frontiers in Psychology.


Fortuna, S. & Nijs, L. (submitted to BJME). Children’s Verbal Explanations of their Graphic Representation of the Music.

Nijs, L. (submitted to ACT). The body in instrumental music teaching and learning: from theory to practice

First Author

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Doctoral Thesis (Systematic Musicology)

Nijs, L. (2012). The Music Paint Machine. An embodied constructivist approach to technology-enhanced instrumental music instruction. Unpublished doctoral thesis, Ghent University.

Master Thesis (Philosophy)

Nijs, L. (2008). Het muziekinstrument als natuurlijke extensie van de musicus. Een analyse van de muzikale uitvoering en van de relatie tussen musicus en muziekinstrument. Unpublished master thesis, Ghent University. (The musical instrument as natural extension of the musician. An analysis of music performance and of the relationship between musician and musical instrument)


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