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Benno Spieker

Interactive educational technology supporting joint music playing in general music education to children (4-12 years)

Project description

Interactive music systems have potential in supporting (pre-service) (music) teachers with teaching music in primary education. This doctoral study is aimed at the design and application of an interactive music system to support (pre-service) (music) teachers with (individual) guidance of pupils in playing rhythms together. We expect to increase our knowledge of the application of educational technologies and our knowledge of how interaction works with interactive music systems in the context of general music education in primary schools and (music) teacher training.

About Benno

Benno Spieker is a PhD student at Ghent University's IPEM and the University of Twente's Human Media Interaction group (joint-PhD). he holds a master's degree in Musicology from Utrecht University (MA, 2015, cum laude) and a bachelor's degree in Teaching Music in Schools from ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem (2003). Alongside teaching pedagogy and digital didactics at ArtEZ University of the Arts, he manages the national project group Subject Integration and promotes music education through the Dutch foundation "Méér muziek in de klas". Benno also serves as a board member, secretary of the Dutch music teacher association (VLS), and the Dutch national coordinator for the European Association of Music in Schools (EAS). Balancing his academic pursuits, Benno actively engages in music by playing drums/percussion and songwriting for Dutch singers Laura Engel and Esther Pelgrom.

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