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a movement-based approach to instrumental music learning & teaching

This project is my postdoctoral research. Here I develop a [practice & research]-based pedagogical framework for the integration of creative movement in the instrumental music classroom.

To develop practical knowledge and experience, I have given numerous workshops in heterogeneous (e.g., clarinet) and mixed (e.g. string orchestra) groups. I believe this practical work is essential to developing good research.

In 2021, I conducted a study on MiMe in distance learning (publications forthcoming). 

Currently, I'm doing a study with 5-year-olds, learning to play the DooD (a child version of the clarinet).

In collaboration with the University of Groningen, several MA students are working on this approach.

Publications: Nijs, 2019; Nijs, Fortuna & Grinspun (in review).

This work is also strongly related to the work I do together with Prof. dr. Melissa Bremmer (Amsterdam) on embodimennt in music teaching and learning (Bremmer & Nijs, 2022, 2021; Nijs & Bremmer, 2019)

Keywords: musical creativity, bodily freedom, multimodal learning

check also my work with the Music Paint Machine. Go HERE

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